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Personal: On the road again... Or: On Marriage Licenses

Well, for all of you who wrote in with helpful suggestions (or questions) regarding my "Where did I put my friends' Marriage License?" entry, I just wanted to say "Thanks!"

Here's the story: Last January my Notre Dame friends Kevin Fleming and Frannie Biolchini got married back on campus at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, where I had the honour and privilege of serving as their Best Man. After the signing of their marriage license, Kevin passed it off to me to take care of while he (quite rightly) focused on enjoying the festivities. I didn't really notice it, then, until I was unpacking back in Milwaukee a few days later. I told Kev and Frannie, after they returned from their honeymoon, that I was going to hold on to it, as my role was being the guardian of their marriage, and so that I'd mount it on the wall or something. This was mostly said tongue-in-cheek, if not entirely, and left at that. But I never got around to sending the thing back to them. Then I moved to the new apartment in June.

Now, the other day, I was faced with the question: where had I put the thing? Someplace safe? Yes. Someplace where I'd find it? Of course. Someplace where I'd naturally have it when I visited them again. Likely. That line of reasoning lead me through key as-of-yet-unpacked boxes of papers, through the likely books into which I might have tucked it, and finally into the luggage I'd take to Wyoming. That's where I finally thought I'd really find it, but no go. Then, packing, I did find it: not in the garment luggage, but in my bookbag, which I'd naturally take to Wyoming, stuffed with good things to read. And to deliver to friends.

The End.

Well, the end of that business. Otherwise, in short, I'm visiting family now, enjoying time at my Mom's place outside of Madison. I'll spend next week with my Dad, and then I'll fly out to the Jackson Hole area to join Frannie and Kevin for a week in Wyoming, focusing on standing as Godfather for the baptism of Sophia Grace Fleming on New Year's Eve Mass. It'll be good to see them again, to meet Sophia, and to just be around mountains. I've got a most Bilbo Baggins-kind of longing for mountains....
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