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Personal: Oh my...

Here's my reward to myself for passing my Doctoral Qualifying Exams. What could it be? A juicy subscription to Theological Studies? A pilgrimage to the Abbey of Gethsemani, the Vatican, or Skellig Michael? An overpriced tome from Brill Press that I've been hoping to find used and inexpensive? Anything remotely theological? Not at all! In fact, it's so inappropriate, I must hide it behind this lj-cut, so that it cannot be easily seen on the internet where it might influence the susceptible in untoward ways....

You see, with the arrival in the mail today of Action Comics #825

my Superman collection is now complete, with everything from the 1986 John Byrne The Man of Steel reboot:

Exciting, isn't it?! Think of it: everything!

From Superman #1
to Superman #224,

from The Adventures of Superman #424
to The Adventures of Superman #646,

from Action Comics #584
to Action Comics #833,

from Superman: Man of Steel #1
to Superman: Man of Steel #134,

from Superman: Man of Tomorrow #1
to Superman: Man of Tomorrow #15,

to the premiere the other week of the latest Superman title,
All-Star Superman #1:

It's all here! So I'm about to read the whole thing, most of it for the first time! Consider the classics:

So this is Mike, signing off for some long-anticipated fun!
(Well, after I'm done grading, that is....)
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