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Theological Notebook: A Quick Note on Doctoral Qualifying Exams

Well, apparently not only did I pass, but I passed well. Both Professors Hughson (the chair of my board) and Barnes (my new advisor) both remarked to me privately afterward that it was a very good DQE, and that the Oral Exam demonstrated my ability to think on my feet and to take an argument past what I had written, so that's all good to hear. Barnes wants to talk to me tomorrow to "spin" the DQE for me--to explain what exactly happened from their perspective since I have no basis for comparison--and to also talk about how the DQE was diagnostic enough to point toward areas I need to develop further. No surprise to me, there.

Some of my friends have gathered for a surprise celebratory dinner and movie tonight in my honour, and I had to tell them I promised to meet students at the library to go over their papers due tomorrow. Such is life. I hope it's a good party.
Tags: dqes, education, friends-marquette era, marquette, personal, teachers, theological notebook

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