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Random: Wow! Infinite Crisis!

How to stay awake when you're falling asleep studying, but cannot afford to fall asleep because you'll screw up your sleep schedule when you need to get up early tomorrow: DISTRACT YOURSELF. I forgot to arm the VCR to record Meet The Press or to watch it live, so I went a-googling elsewhere....

When I've thought about visual art, I've described Michelangelo as my favourite artist, having edged out Botticelli a few years ago, and with the later Dali in the mix. But I realized the other day, maybe I'd been keeping two areas of art segregated in my head for years, and that if I were honest or more precise, perhaps my favourite artist, since childhood in fact, has always been George Perez.

Perez treats us to the following cornucopia in his cover for Infinite Crisis #2, which comes out this week. For those who know their DC Universe, this is both a great cover and work of art in itself as well as a fabulous homage to over 65 years' worth of artists and writers:

Unbelievable shocker on the last page of Infinite Crisis #1, for those who know what it means:

... with its real context being from the conclusion of 1985-1986's unmatched epic Crisis on Infinite Earths:

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