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Personal: Baby Coming--What Feast Day is it?

Live and up to the minute! I just got a phone call at around 5:25am from Kevin and Frannie from the hospital in Jackson, Wyoming, where Frannie is now in labour. First off, I was just so relieved that nothing was wrong--I've definitely become old enough that unexpected phone calls in the middle of the night fill you with dread, hoping that it's just some wrong number--but all was well. In fact, Frannie--now in the five-minute range of contractions--had asked Kevin, "What Feast Day is it?" Said Kev, "I'll call Mike!" There was a quick protest on her part about my upcoming exams, but Kev overrode that, which was all fine as far as I'm concerned. I was able to Google the following list of names I'd never heard of:
November 6

* St. Leonard
* St. Atticus
* St. Barlaam
* St. Winoc
* St. Demetrian
* St. Edwen
* St. Efflam
* St. Felix of Fondi
* St. Felix of Thynissa
* St. Joseph Khang
* St. Leonard of Noblac
* St. Leonard of Reresby
* St. Leonianus
* St. Pinnock
along with identifying from another website, "St. Nicholas Tavelic and Companions (d. 1391), the four of whom are among the 158 Franciscans who have been martyred in the Holy Land since the friars became custodians of the shrines in 1335."

So there you have it. As far as I know, the plan is and has been that we're awaiting the arrival of Miss Sophia Fleming, or Mr. Augustine Michael Fleming, but who knows what mad, last-minute improvisation might happen?

I talked to them both, then they put me on speakerphone and I said "howdy" to Paul, who just turned seven and is there, too. I listened to a bit of the action, before they finally decided to let me go whilst Frannie went to the bathroom. Kevin mentioned that his father-in-law, a member of the Board of Trustees at Notre Dame I've met several times since the couple got together, would probably be annoyed that they called me. Kev mentioned that Mr. Biolchini still mentioned how weird it was that Kevin and Frannie took me along on their wedding night in Chicago (see January).

Me, I call it symmetry.
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