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Theological Notebook: Congar

Yves Congar, O.P.: effortlessly, elegantly brilliant. I'm falling over dead falling asleep over "A Brief History of the Forms of the Magisterium and Its Relations with Scholars" after having read his "A Semantic History of the Term 'Magisterium'" first. Wonderful stuff, but it's too late for me to continue with any profit. I'm so glad Fahey mentioned these to me: they hadn't turned up in my bibliographic search for some reason. There's even a gorgeous quote from that genius kid professor, J. Ratzinger, which is a gem of insight and style:

"Succession is the form [Gestalt] of tradition; tradition is the content [Gehalt] of succession."

Tags: benedict xvi, books, dqes, ecclesiology, historical, magisterium, quotations, teachers, theological notebook, writing

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