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Random/Personal/Theological Notebook: Duh

Note to self: Never brace your elbows against your ribcage and then attempt to move an immobile object. I can't believe I just cracked a rib by myself. Ph.Duh. At least last time I had the excuse of Goldschmidt throwing me into Stonehenge while sobriety was quickly compromised during weaklingrecords' "I've-got-a-bar-in-my-backpack-and-the-University-Police-just-waved-'hello'" late-night, post-graduation party.

Otherwise still here in the library from waking 'til sleeping: less than two weeks to go until my doctoral exams begin. I'm kind of out of touch. Sorry, Mom: I promise I'll call. On the up side: my powers of concentration are waxing in the way that desperation usually achieves. Tore through The Fatherhood of God from Origen to Athanasius by Peter Widdicombe and am diving straight into Elizabeth Johnson's She Who Is for that sort of oil-and-water reading experience.
Tags: books, dqes, personal, random, theological notebook, trinity

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