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Random: Rosa Parks

I hear that Rosa Parks has died. The act that put her name in the history books--her refusal to obey a racist law because she was tired of putting up with the nonsense--was such a tiny act in itself. It is closer to one of those "15 minutes of fame" events, except for its symbolic (and real) consequences as an event that set off such a huge tide of events that helped make up the Civil Rights "Era."

And yet, her 15 minutes is worth more than all the airtime that has been wasted on all the Hollywood celebrity-watching for the last year. Our minds are stuffed--whether we want it or not--with the mundane and all-to-often crass details of people whose occupation is to pretend to be cooler and more interesting than they really are. Meanwhile, the real news and personalities are left on the fringes of our consciousness. CNN Headline News, supposedly devoted to the repeated, bare headlines for those of us who need to be "up to the minute," is increasingly overwhelmed by movie and music marketing presented as reviews (at best). Rosa Parks will probably get mentioned there, but for any young student watching the news, will be lost to the greater demand for Jennifer Aniston's love life and the effect it may have on her hairstyle.

Rosa Parks has had her life defined by that single day. Maybe it irritated her for that to be so, because she was, no doubt, like the rest of us, beyond such simple definitions. But it was a great day, that forever reveals her as a great American and a human being who could rise up to a moment of greatness. I wish that she, and all those like her, could be remembered to the extent that they deserve.
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