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Random: Mailcall...

Just in from babysitting Grace and Haley (at ages 3 and 1) for the last four days with my Mum while Mom and Dad took a well-earned mini-cruise. I am now sorting through my mail....

Welcome to Marquette University’s College of Business Administration MBA Program!

We at Marquette understand that a transition to graduate school can be strenuous at times and we are here to help. My name is Gordan Lasic and I am a Graduate Assistant to the College of Business MBA Program. I am an MBA student like you and I have over four years of experience at Marquette University as I have studied here for my undergraduate and graduate education. If you need any assistance familiarizing yourself with the many things this campus has to offer please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you have specific questions regarding your academic program, including class schedule or the graduate business programs’ course requirements I will forward your questions to Cheryl Nelson, Director of Student Services for the MBA Program. If you would like, contact her directly at or call 414-288-7145 to make an appointment.

Once again, welcome to the College of Business Administration’s MBA Program!

Gordan Lasic


Mr. Lasic,

I appreciate the welcome. I am, however, about to take my doctoral exams for the Department of Theology and really cannot take on any more work at this time. Or perhaps you meant to send this to someone else...?

Most Sincerely,
Mike Novak
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