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Personal: Louder Than Bombs

I know, I know, I keep apologizing for not being able to write much. I do wonder what I'll miss: I've been lucky to trip across the pregnancy and new job announcements that I have. So, I'm only online here very quickly (before going back to grading--the worst part of being a teacher) to crow and shout with glee. Not because of the release of Jordan's Knife of Dreams--which I bought, but have to ignore, although I read a wee bit on the bus between Borders and campus--but because today, after at least three and maybe four years has seen former student Brian Nolan (see caveman in picture) at long, long last finally returned the Smiths' Louder Than Bombs CD that he borrowed from me his senior year in high school. I saw that Brian was living with another former student, the artist holidaymonster, and so I was able to harrange and harrass him with new gusto.

Louder Than Bombs has always been my favourite collection of the Smiths' music, even though it's not properly an "album" of theirs, but rather a collection of singles and such. This was probably the most listened-to music of my undergrad years and was hugely meaningful to me at the time, and is still something I can listen to with pleasure, although some of that is now nostalgia. I found myself not even terribly interested in seeing Morrissey when he went on tour last year, even though he performed a few blocks from here: I just found myself shaking my head that he still seemed to be going on about the same things, despite all the years. I guess I just can't be as compelled by an artist who doesn't seem to grow with me over the years.

I am surprised, though, hearing these tunes again, that this didn't make as much of an impression in my writing as I might have expected. Certainly Morrissey's lyric-writing have likely had a long-term effect in my own refining of my words, but the style of presentation lyrically, and the lush guitar-laden music of Johnny Marr aren't obvious influences in Life and Other Impossibilities or in what I've written since, as far as I can tell. Certainly my friends from undergrad, who were overwhelmed by my devotion to this disc, would be amazed. And perhaps grateful. Nevertheless, I did a little dance of joy in the elevator when I figured out what the package was. What a collection! Masters of the three-minute pop song, this disc has 24 tracks while being no longer than my own ten-track album. I'm sure there's a thing to learn there, too. This is a CD well worth picking up if you don't own it, and has been sorely missed in my music collection over the past several years.

iTunes, meet Louder Than Bombs.
I left the north
I travelled south
I found a tiny house
And I can’t help the way I feel
Oh yes, you can kick me
And you can punch me
And you can break my face
But you won’t change the way I feel
’cause I love you

And is it really so strange ?
Oh, is it really so strange ?
Oh, is it really so, really so strange ?
I say no, you say yes
(but you will change your mind) ...
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