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Personal: Notre Dame

Well, I've arrived and am all checked in at Notre Dame, painlessly this year after last year's snafu confusing me with the other Michael Novak and tossing me off to another place. The new entrance looks as impressive as it tries to be, and I'm reminded again that this is one of the most--if not the most--beautiful college campuses in the world.

And it feels good to be here in the way I am now, especially after the wreck I was during Kevin and Frannie's wedding, so destroyed by the surgery complications that my chief goal was to stand through the wedding! So weak, my body temperature all over the place, getting up a dozen times a night for weeks and thus without rest... that was the worst. I just told Kev how I wished I could have been this Mike for his Best Man.

Well, I'm off to renew my (now somewhat broken) formerly monogamous relationship with Mary, who cut my hair for all the years I was here. I've been saving up my latest trim so that I could see her. Then I grab dinner, go take it over to meet a girl in a clock tower from whence she broadcasts her madcap Broadway show tunes radio show, and then finally make it over to the opener of the conference at 7:30 with "Through Dangers, Toils, and Snares: An Historical Perspective on Catholic Higher Education" by Philip Gleason of the University of Notre Dame. Should be a good time!
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