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Personal: OH NO!!!! OH YES!!!! (Dan and Amy)

Well, I'm deeply worried: I'm afraid that Ambrose, my much-loved iMac G4, may be dying in the next room. I had errors in the operating system occuring, so I tried to restart it. It wouldn't complete the restart process, and so I finally shut it off. When I tried to start it back up again, it wouldn't finish the start-up process, which I tried a few times before finally just leaving it alone and which it has now been in for 60 minutes. I've never worked a computer to death before: I've always moved to upgrading before I've had any problems. I was always particularly proud of all my Macs for that reason, especially compared to what seems to be the nine-day average lifespan of a PC. Trevor the LC III served from '93-'97, Albertus the PowerMac 6500 chugged along steadily from '97 to '02, and is still fine, if hibernating in my closet. But Ambrose is only 3 1/2! Still, I've gotten in the habit of leaving him on all day while I've been here at the University. I was of the impression (is this a computer urban myth I've got in my head?) that it was easier on your computer and its lifespan to be on all day than to be turned on and off throughout the day.

In much, much better news, I had a fun lasagna dinner over at Dan and Amy's--I brought the day-old bread for garlic bread and the cheap Bordeaux, a red called "Augey" much to Dan and Mike's amusement since "Augustine" has long since become "Augie" in the shorthand of Barnes' circle--on Friday night, with Mike and Donna, and the little girl of each couple. We bit our nails and our fingers off through the season finale of Battlestar Galactica, slurped on custard that the ladies had made a run for, and chattered away as friends do. Then, though, was a very oblique sentence from Dan that finally got through my skull so that I could ask, "Wait a sec. Are you guys expecting again?" The beaming, excited nod of Amy was the prize of the night.
Tags: bsg, computing, food, friends-marquette era, mac, personal

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