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Personal--The Lloyds', An Accident, Jen Sushinsky

I had a great night at the Lloyd's the other evening, enjoying the most scrumptious of dinners, an incredibly tender chicken breast with oodles of mild mushrooms and onions as a garnish, and lots of moist rice, lightly flavoured in a beef broth. With conversation before, during, and after--beginning over yummy chicken egg rolls while Dan and Amy swapped off at the cooking and at feeding Anna, depending on which of them could coax her to eat at the given moment, and lingering over apple pie a la mode--it was one of those really perfect evenings of conversation with friends. After weeks of build-up, Dan was incredibly eager to show me Anchorman which had been alternatively presented to me as evidence of his great or awful taste in movies, depending on who was doing the talking. Late in the night, we turned to that, at which point Amy smiled at the first few gags and then keeled over backwards and slept the rest of the movie away. I think that Dan was right in that what made this work in the "stupid humor" category was a broad cast who were all good at what stupid things they were doing: if it had been just the one lead actor all the time, it would have gotten deadly old. Amy woke up after the movie and joined in for a little more conversation, but as we were heading into "my" hours and with Anna inevitably getting up with the sun, we finally called it a night.

At around a quarter to seven tonight there was an horrific crash and the awful crunch of an accident outside my apartment. Mashing my face up against the screen, I was surprised to see that it hadn't happened right below me, but was in fact, even from the sixth floor, just outside my range of vision, up near the intersection of 16th and Wells. I could see students moving in that direction and campus police were there almost immediately. It turned out that a car had gone right through the glass doors of the Jimmy Johns sub place, and at the height of the dinner hour, a number of Marquette students were there. Four were taken away in ambulances, but mercifully no one was killed or even critically injured. I heard from officers either murmurings of a blown tire, or a pedestrian who had walked out into traffic, causing a sudden swerve. That last I can believe, as students do what ever they want along those blocks. It was so perfectly placed, though, I was afraid that there had been some craziness and it was intentional. My classmate Tony Bonta was zooming around the scene--he'd been half a block away and as an officer in Residence Life he immediately started managing getting the University's resources behind the students in need. I was afraid at first that he or some of the guys who live in the house he runs had been right there or injured, but eventually he saw me behind the police lines and came over and told me how he'd happened to be there. Tony has a gift for management, so with it being a weekend, it was especially good that he was right there as far as keeping track of where injured students were being taken, gathering eyewitnesses for the police, and getting communications going between the university and the families of students. I was really proud of him.

Today was also the wedding of Jen Sushinsky to Dr. T.J. Staff. As late as Kevin and Frannie's wedding in January when we last hung out, I was beginning to be afraid for Jen that she'd waited these last few years and T.J. wouldn't end up proposing to her, but when it finally happened in the spring, they started setting up for as quick a wedding as they could manage. I thought it might feel odd, to know someone who you'd once intended to marry yourself had gone off and married another, but I find that I just feel happy for her. Perhaps having only had about three days between deciding to propose and then reversing enough to say "Let's quit while we're ahead," left too little a sense of a stake in the matter, although I suppose that that's not quite right, since I can remember it being some months before I could even talk with Kevin about everything ending. But at long last it's a done deal, and so I'm glad that that whole episode is closed for her: with the uncertainty he'd had about marriage for so long, I had been scared for her for a few years now that she had put her life on "hold" for something that wasn't going to happen.
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