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Personal--More on the Roberts Hearings

The same pattern continues from what I watched yesterday: I am dumbfounded listening to Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois flail in confusion at John Roberts' stated practice of being willing to represent a variety of clients, particularly those that he ought to already know are wrong. Would he be willing to represent the Board of Education in Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, for example? Roberts' insistence that it is the system of law and the courts who determine guilt and innocence--and not he as a lawyer, prior to a trial--seemed incomprehensible to Durbin, who kept repeating the point and looked at Roberts in what seemed to be utter bafflement and disbelief.
All is Ideology and Ideology is All.

Edit: It struck me today while talking with Bob Foster over lunch over at George Webb's that if there is an across-the-board Democratic rejection of Roberts on the floor of the Senate and that he's passed through solely by the Republicans, then the dynamic might suddenly and dramatically change. It seems to me that if the Democrats would utterly reject Roberts, then the Republicans would have little reason whatsoever to consider Democratic input and nominate someone they would find far less palatable.
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