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Personal: DQEs Scheduled

AT LAST!!! After painful amounts of emails where I delicately tried not to irritate people through constant badgering, I have finally succeeded in setting up the date for my Doctoral Qualifying Exam oral-exam session. Trying to co-ordinated six schedules is absolutely no fun. But I'll be going before my committee on Thursday November 10th from 3:30 to 5:00. Presumably, then, my written exams will be over the two days before that: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Now I have to decide which exam I will take as my oral. My committee and topics are as follows, with the first three being in my "major" area--Systematics/Ethics--and the other two being in the "minor" areas--Biblical and Historical. Marquette is unique in lumping Ethics in with Systematics, and I have to do one of my three "major area" questions in it, even though I've no professional interest in Ethics to speak of.
Thomas Hughson, SJ, chair -- Church and State: Religious Discourse in the Public Sphere
Michael Fahey, SJ -- Magisterium: Teaching Authority in the Church Universal and in the Catholic Church in Particular
Ralph Del Colle -- Trinitarian Theology, Classical and Contemporary: Historical and Contemporary Understandings of God the Father
Andrei Orlov -- Johannine Literature: The Jewish Mystical and Apocalyptic Background to the Prologue of the Gospel of John
Michel René Barnes -- Early Christian Theology to 324: Pre-Nicene Theologies of the Holy Spirit
So that gives me two more months of preparation time, which I'll need between being a slow reader when it comes to chewy theology, and between being a victim of my generation in having the proverbial attention span of a gnat. Still, I'm that much more excited today just for nailing this down!
Tags: apocalyptic literature, barnes, del colle, dqes, education, fahey, johannine literature, marquette, personal, teachers, trinity

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