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Personal/Theological Notebook: What?

I'm having a week where my days last about 45 minutes and then it's over. My financial aid and pay have been activated, so that was good, but otherwise the day was a wash, again. Had to bow out of going to the "Opera in the Park" down by the lake tonight to get in extra reading for the exams and still not enough happened. I'm trying to keep up on my current mail, but I still have a dead week in the past to get back to.

Fr. Coffey, my advisor who just retired, is still living out of a suitcase back home in Sydney because the apartment he was supposed to have is still not entirely a done deal. Moving across continents sounds dreadful. I was pleased, though, that it sounded like he took my recommendation of 'Mysticism' in the Gospel of John: An Inquiry into Its Background seriously, and wrote for a bit on a similar thrust earlier in his research. I'm currently wandering around article about teaching authority in the church, and all the background to the business of Vatican I.

Oh, fart--it's after three and I only just remembered that Friday is a school day for me this semester! One less grad school luxury--after staring at the horrors on the news, I can't get too worried about my situations.
Tags: books, coffey, ecclesiology, historical, johannine literature, mysticism/spirituality, personal, teachers, theological notebook

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