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Thursday is LJ Tag Day

Tagged by: bassmike

Name your top five MUSIC VIDEOS of ALL TIME. Then do the whole tagging thing to five other people so the joy can be distributed throughout the country. And yes, this is my singing voice. It's not irony. It's not rock n roll. We're just talking to the kids.

EDIT 12 Dec 2006: Now augmented with YouTube videos!

1. "You Might Think" (The Cars): The original MTV Video of the Year winner--it's fun still today with the carefree coolness of the Cars, and the girl in the video always reminds me of a girl I asked out in undergrad and was totally shot down by.

2. "Big House" (Audio Adrenaline): Captures the song perfectly--also total fun, and even perhaps a causually profound theological statement.

3. "Weapon of Choice" (Fatboy Slim): Holy Moses, that's . . . Christopher Walken! And to make it even more funny, he reminded me of Grandpa Novak.

4. "Veronica" (Elvis Costello): Honestly, this was the only video where I ever really thought that the cinematography truly added to the beauty or effectiveness of a song itself. Fabulous.

5. TIE: "Even Better Than The Real Thing" (U2): Part of the video/media explosion and overload of the Zoo TV tour, where the tech of the thing left me wondering, "How are they doing that?!"
"Take On Me" (a-ha): Gotta thank mervlurker for reminding me of this one. I totally have to agree: classic genius. Honestly, maybe the very best one ever.

Tagging: You five. You know who you are.
Tags: media, meme, movies/film/tv, musical, youtube

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