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Personal: DQEs

Whew! It looks like I'll be able to schedule my Doctoral Qualifying Exams (the written and oral exams done after coursework and prior to writing your doctoral dissertation) either the last week of October or the first week of November! That means the Mike The Horribly Slow and Easily Distracted Reader (I'm typing this, aren't I?) will have that much more time to prepare. Since I'd been thinking I would be taking them at the turn of September/October, during which time I'd ignorantly booked myself for the "Joy In The Truth: The Catholic University in the New Millennium" conference at Notre Dame, I was a bit worried that I'd really robbed myself a few weeks.

Now I should be able to produce my paper for the conference without risking much, if anything, regarding my exams. Now I just have to worry about the paper, too, which doesn't seem much of a paper to me. I'm trying to State The Obvious regarding a problem no one in the Catholic university system seems to be dealing with, while not turning it into a rant. But it really does seem that after as devastating a critique has been offered of the system as James Burtchaell's in The Dying of the Light: The Disengagement of Colleges and Universities from Their Christian Churches, the conference does seem blissfully determined to proclaim that the Emperor really is wearing clothes and that no one even has to mention that there might be problems.

Oh, and I found out today that I apparently didn't register for the Fall and my card wouldn't let me in the library, so I'll have to take care of that tomorrow. News to me. At least they still let me check out books after they let me in, which really doesn't make sense!
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