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Random/Personal: My pet computers.

In response to just reading friede's christening her new computer "John the Baptist," I just wrote the following retrospective on the names of all of my computers. This is a silly and pointless entry, and if you read it, you should know that it really says something about you that you would do such a thing. Really, it does.

Yay for John the Baptist! My computers have been:

Trevor was my first computer, bought at the start of my Master's degree at Notre Dame, and named thusly because I've always thought this the funniest name after its use in a stupid throwaway line in an episode of The Young Ones. After this one exception, I then I commited to my intellectual Tradition for names.

Albertus Magnus
After serving faithfully for four years, Trevor was retired and passed on to my Mum because I needed a computer with an internet connection as I started teaching high school. Albertus was a PowerMac 6500 who later transformed into a G3 computer after a bit of tricky processor replacement with my Swiss Army Knife, after which he was clearly Albertus Magnus. True!

Once again, a new school situation called for a new computing companion. Albertus lacked an ethernet connection and the memory that I would now require. So he went to confound my Dad (before recently moving back into my closest) once I acquired the sleek and sophisticated Ambrose, on whom I compose this silly recollection.

For the first time ever, one of my computers has been joined by a contemporaneous companion, as my Dad just gifted me with a used Powerbook. Clearly the name Augustine leaps to mind as a disciple or spiritual child of Ambrose, but Augustine is a name to be reserved, quite frankly, for a most impressive computer companion, perhaps for the first molecular computer I own or somesuch, 30 years in the future, God willing. Thus I'm leaning toward that companion, something of a spiritual father to both Ambrose and Augustine, and Ambrose's successor in the See of Milan, Simplicianus, although this has not been made official yet through baptism/renaming the harddrive.

Ah.... What fun computers are! Since building and programming them in high school, using my roommate Chris' Mac for the first time in college, and now these four: I've loved them all, and they've been good to me. [chokes back tear]
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