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Personal: The Bafflement that is my Mind

I have been tearing apart my apartment, in a slow and tidy way, trying to find the connection cable that allows me to transfer pictures from my digital camera to my computer. It got lost in the move, and wasn't with my computer when I put it up, first thing. I looked for it, on and off, after the move, even more before giving the camera to my Mom for her to use on her trip to Ireland, since my memory chip is a larger one (256 MB) that would allow her to take some 650 full-screen-sized photos. I have really been looking for it since she got back this week, so that the project of putting her photos on CD can take place. So I spent a considerable amount of time this late afternoon looking for the cord, with no luck.

I just came in here from the living room, mostly just to change chairs, and sat down at my desk, continuing to read John Courtney Murray, SJ, and wondering whether I should put some of his great passages into the journal. Idly, I just happened now to look up, and what should catch my eye? I thought, "No. Couldn't be. Not that simple." All these fruitless hours of searching. Why? Because I had completely fooled myself. How? I had put the cord in its box.
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