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Urg. I am so behind in everything that I only just saw that I was tagged yesterday for "Thursday is LJ Tag Day" by bassmike:
Tagged by myself.

List five television shows you've been watching recently.
Then tag five other LJ users to let them know to do the same.

1. The new "Battlestar Galactica" (Sci-Fi):
2. "NOVA Science Now" (PBS):
3. "This Old House" (PBS):
4. "Guns, Germs & Steel" (PBS):
5. "ESPN Sportscenter" (ESPN):



1) I also watch the new Battlestar Galactica with great delight.
Then there's my trio of Saturday cartoons, on Cartoon Network:
2) Teen Titans recreating one of the great titles of my youth in a fun way for younger audiences.
3) The Batman: I like the new art style, and the voices, although I confess missing Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne/The Batman and Mark Hamill as The Joker.
4) Justice League Unlimited, which is an incredible cartoon, much more geared in its writing for adult audiences. They know kids are watching, too, so they're careful, but some of the lines that they'll toss off almost as asides to adults are hysterical.
5) On Sunday mornings I tape Meet The Press because part of me is responsible, too.

And that's all that I watch right now--yeek and even this looks like too much to me, looking at it. If I didn't tape them to watch over a meal, I might not be able to fit them in. I'll add Smallville when it's in season, but otherwise I watch TV mostly for an occasional movie and to hop around the news channels. I go on binges with heavy news-watching-obsession, and then through long dry spells of recovery and Time Better Used, I like to pretend. Next Scheduled Binge: Senate Confirmation Hearings for the Supreme Court Nominee.
Tags: bsg, meme, movies/film/tv, personal

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