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Personal/Theology Notebook: Uses

You know, I never thought I'd use this, but I was kicking around an idea the other day.... Lots of people ask me about what I'm doing--specifically as a theologian: what am I working on, what kind of discussions am I having, what am I reading. Half the time I have no idea how to answer: it's too freaking much. At the same time, I keep thinking that theologians have got to make themselves useful. That's why I started sponsoring for RCIA this year. Time to get off my ass and just do it.

So I was thinking, it might be interesting for me--as well as for said people who want to see if they can tap into a theologian's day-to-day work for their own thinking and spirituality--if I kept some sort of log, or wrote a series of letters, maybe just a paragraph a day or somesuch, about what I was poking at.

It never occurred to me to use the Live Journal Andrea set up for me until yesterday. Why am I writing this now? Especially since I'm about to finish a semester and not be doing this sort of stuff? Mostly 'cause I'm easily distracted and I'm stuck on what to do in this next paragraph of the essay I'm writing. (I'm working on Karl Rahner taking on Thomas Aquinas by saying that only the Second Person of the Trinity could become incarnate, whilst Thomas said any of the Three could have done it.)

Anyway, this is just my word of warning about what may be following to everyone reading this. Yeah, to both of you. Or maybe I'll wait another year before writing anything. But this thing may have its uses after all....
Tags: christology, incarnation, livejournal, mysticism/spirituality, personal, rahner, systematic theology, theological notebook, trinity, writing

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