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Personal/Theological Notebook: My new Master

Not unlike that of a house elf is the life of a graduate student, and this one has just been assigned to a new Master. There's a theory in the Department that you're supposed to sort of be assigned to someone in your general field, but this has never actually seemed to pan out in any consistent way. My first year, yes, I was actually assigned to a systematic theologian who also happened to be my advisor, Fr. David Coffey. The following year, I was assistant to the Augustine scholar Michel René Barnes, and got a good friendship out of that deal. Last year, I was also given a free education in a new direction by being given to Fr. Bryan Massingale for the year. Now, once again, I've been passed to an historian, this time however, way off my beaten track in the Martin Luther scholar Mickey Mattox. I don't know Mickey well, although we've always chatted in a friendly way in the hallway, so I imagine that this will once again be an opportunity to stretch in unexpected new directions. At this point, I can only pray that, unlike Bryan, his not particularly a morning person.
Tags: education, marquette, personal, teachers, theological notebook

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