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Personal: Former Student Conversation

Goofy IM from a former student:

Lisa: mr novak!
NovakFreek: Miss D!
Lisa: hey i met someone that made me think of you
NovakFreek: Brad Pitt?
Lisa: close
Lisa: but no
NovakFreek: Um...
NovakFreek: Adrien Brody? I'm getting that nowadays....
Lisa: This RA who I work with
NovakFreek: Ahhh...
NovakFreek: Are you an RA now?
Lisa: no
NovakFreek: You're a secret RA informer?
Lisa: i work at a desk doing mostly paperwork
Lisa: again close..but no
NovakFreek: Oh, one of them!
NovakFreek: What was the reminder?
Lisa: he told me i had poor listening skills
NovakFreek: LOL
NovakFreek: Did I ever say that to you?!
Lisa: yes quite often
NovakFreek: Oh.
Lisa: no the wound has healed
NovakFreek: Well, sorry, if that seemed rude. I'm sure I was just trying to encourage you to enhance your talents.
Lisa: i think it makes me endearing
NovakFreek: Good attitude!
Lisa: he also listened to celtic music and he had your eyes
NovakFreek: He has removable Lego eyes, too?!
Lisa: i thought that was a secret...
Tags: conversations, funny, personal, saint joseph's high school, students

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