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Personal: The Half-Blood Prince

It's here! Hold the phone calls! Let me leave the ethics reading in the bag for a day! Eat? Bathe? Who has the time?! The current mission is to curl up in the wingback chair by the window, maybe kick my feet up on the other one, and enjoy myself for a day. Talk to y'all tomorrow! Thanks for having protected me from spoilers! (The last time, I'd read the shocker in someone's LJ before reading it--how distracting!)

Oooo! And totally-unrelated: my Mom's been out on the Aran Islands today--how fun! I've never made it myself, but I can only hope that she's had a ball clambering around Dun Aengus without being distracted by a gazillion other tourists. And that her guide isn't a nit-wit--there are few things more wretched than a guide who hasn't learned their history, or worse, has learned it incorrectly. (As simeonjawn has recently observed in the Worst Professor of the Summer.)
Tags: books, family, harry potter, historical, personal, travel

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