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Personal: Bookcases

Another day: poof! Gone. FedEx dropped off my bookcases around 10:30 and I spent the rest of the day, until around 6, putting the things together. Then came Getting Them Into The Best Spots. Then came Shelving. And some Reshelving. And another day passes without any grad work getting done. Unreal. When I was 10 years old, I swear that a summer day lasted somewhere around 96 subjective hours. Now a day feels like I breathe twice and go to bed. I WANT TIME TO SLOW DOWN, PLEASE. nimoloth, you're the physicist: get on that. (And have you gotten my comment and realized I'm innocent yet, or are you avoiding all commentary until the book is done?) :-)

Mom's been spending yesterday and will spend today roaming around Country Kerry. I wonder if she saw Skellig Michael from the coast yesterday, and got any sense of why I am the way I am about that place.

Have to get up for an early re-schedule of that conference call tomorrow/this morning, about trying to hammer out a vision and a business plan for that music/retreat program I wrote about earlier. I imagine this is going to be a major learning experience for me. Even a non-profit is still way more "business" than I am.

I stepped outside a while back to drop a few things in the mailbox on the street and some drunken idiot came out of Caffrey's (the pub next door to the entrance to the apartments) and started making fun of and then cursing at me for the shorts I was wearing. The only thing I could figure was that they have a small Notre Dame logo on it, but that seems like it would have been hard to spot. Mostly, I think he just wanted to hate someone and I was easily hateable. I was surprised at how easily murderous I became just from his few words, though. But I went back to shelving books instead of fetching my Swiss Army Knife and going back outside to disembowel him. Nice theologian. Good theologian.
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