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Personal: Ellgass

Yay! Today I'll be getting my first out-of-town visitor (well, other than my Dad) when Katie Ellgass stops by. Probably the most gifted student that I ever had the honour to work with--and with a work ethic that I intensely envy--Katie is in town for a concert of some ND friends who are in a band playing at the Rave tonight. Currently in medical school, with all the sleeplessness that that implies, I haven't seen her since we had dinner at the Mandarin House when I was at Notre Dame in November at the Epiphanies of Beauty: The Arts in a Post-Christian Culture conference. It'll be fun to catch up. I'm trying to decide whether to take her out to dinner for the fab fare of the Twisted Fork, or to be more overtly-hip with The Knick, or whether to go roaming around down at the Bastille Days "French Fest," grabbing authentic foods and wines as one can. Or just to offer the three to her as a select menu. She hinted that she had some big news of some sort, so I wonder if she's hared off and gotten engaged or somesuch.
Tags: friends-notre dame era, milwaukee, personal, saint joseph's high school, students

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