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Personal/Theological Notebook: Conference Calling

A slightly dramatic moment, now, as I'm waiting for the completion of a conference call to set up a meeting. I've been invited in on the ground floor of discussions to set up a non-for-profit corporation setting up a Catholic spirituality center or group of some sort whose mode of activity is centered around the artistic activity. All singer/songwriters, at this point, and using song (and maybe eventually other arts) to invite people into, or to facilitate, experiences of meeting Christ where they're at, particularly in not glossing over the context and reality of our own sufferings. It's all vague at this point: difficult for me to articulate the exact vision of what's being conceived. In fact, that's part of the intent of this entire brainstorming meeting. But it's interesting to see that there are a variety of backgrounds and other talents among the songwriters: formal academic theology for me, but also ministry, psychology, media production. All of us have participated at various levels in fostering retreats, particularly with Notre Dame's vocation-themed Vocare retreats, which was a nation-wide Pew Trusts-supported effort. I gather that this type of thing would also need to find that kind of nonprofit funding, all of which business end of things is far beyond my experience or competence.

Edit: And, whoops! The meeting looks to be postponed on account of T-Mobile's conference feature collapsing as soon as everyone's online.
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