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Personal: Recovering My Files

Well, I did what had to be done. I put the money on my swelling credit card and set Ambrose to churning through the program last night, trying to remember things he forgot. So this morning I woke up to thousands of files identified that I could recover if I wanted to. Some, of course, I already knew about as populating my external hard drive, like all of my music, so I didn't have to go near that. Most of what I needed to recover were JPEG files. Now, I'm having so sort through them. All 4700 of them. This, as it's turned out, is taking me hours and the day is a total loss, thus fueling my anxiety about not reading fast enough for my exams. But it seems like I'm finding everything, from the brilliant portrait shot I took of Kate Fagan Taylor on the southern cliffs of Victoria, British Columbia, to my video capture of my niece Grace, aged 1 1/2, dancing to her favourite Shaun Cassidy song (which consisted of her spinning in place, waving her arms to the beat, until she fell over). I'm much relieved.
Tags: computing, mac, personal, photography

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