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Personal: Cheap Bastard

Ooof! I've been looking around trying to find a program that would let me try to recover my last two years worth of pictures and home movies which, as I mentioned the other day, I had brilliantly deleted from both of my hard drives. The highly-touted BinaryBiz's VirtualLab just make my computer have to restart. So much for that. ProSoft Engineering's DataRescue X, however, for free let me do a scan and revealed some 7400 files. Not knowing if these were the one's still in the hard drive, or any deleted file, since there were no file names, I had to make a guess for the one free file they would let me recover. And Hey, Presto! I get one of the deleted files: a thoroughly-unflattering, slightly-blurred photo of me and my Mom of that photograph-yourself-at-arm's-length sort. So now I know I can buy a license and get my files back. For a mere $90. Ouch. I'm just so in debt right now, with no paychecks during the summer while I'm not an active Teaching Assistant and I'm reading for my exams. And I just got an unexpected and un-budgeted-for $700 bill from the hospital. But what's $90 against all my memories, especially of my nieces? I guess that $90 is $70 more than I'd prefer to pay....
Tags: computing, family, mac, personal, photography

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