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Personal: London and such

It was good this afternoon to be able to call over to London and check in on Peter and Lia Booth, just in case. I'd looked at the map, and didn't think that it was likely that they'd been close to any of the attacks, but you still have to check. Peter, as it turns out, doesn't work that closely, but his offices are built right on top of a tube line, which didn't make anyone at work particularly happy. Lia, still working on her doctorate in Human Rights law, comes by the point of the bus attack on her way to the library at times, but thankfully not yesterday. Joining Pat Clemins and Manda Potter for dinner yesterday with Carrie Peffley, back from her first year at her doctorate in medieval philosophy at Cambridge University, gave a vision of a much more lovely life in England.

I was most reassured that the Brits are falling right into their Blitz attitude of "Business as usual," and that such an attack won't cow them into changing their society in the least. Day-to-day life in the U.S. doesn't seem to have changed at all since 9/11, and (as weaklingrecords wryly noted yesterday) we haven't even seen an increased Terror Alert since the election concluded. But we have passed questionable legislation in the Patriot Act; we have joined the terrorists in becoming an outlaw nation by ignoring any civilized rule of law in imprisoning people without recourse to any code of law, civil or military; we have gone to war under a nation that posed no threat to us after being told direct lies by no less than our head of state; and those in the know, whether politicians or press, refused to stand up for the truth because of the political liabilities of opposing a president who had wrapped himself in the flag and--no less odious--equated opposition to him with traitorous behaviour. Those are significant changes. I can only hope that the British can give us some lessons in true citizenship and nationhood.
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