Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Hanging with Mom

Well, if you've ever wanted to see a theologian--or me, in particular--really lose it (or come close to it, I guess), then last night was the night to be here. I dread visiting my Mom's for only one thing: using her computer. She's working off a 233Mhz processor on dial-up, and it is the most aggravating thing in the world when you're used to speed. Or even used to reasonable performance. I logged on to LJ and was able to respond to some notes from there in reasonable time, but when I went to my AOL account to get my email, I got the kind of performance I've come to dread. I had a note from my friend Kevin Fleming, just a cool little thing about his wife and son gone to bed and he now taking a late walk around Central Park in NYC and sitting in a cafe people-watching. I clicked "Reply" and suffered through 75 MINUTES of the thing straining to open the reply window for me. In fact, I gave up at around 45 minutes, and restarted the computer and logged in back to AOL to start over: a process that took only 30 more minutes. In the meantime, I had to convince myself not to go on a killing spree/therapeutic outlet around the Senior Citizens Apartment Complex....

So after a restful sleep (hours later than I could have gotten to bed, I had a cool, quiet, hanging-out day with her: the biggest things we did being Mass and watching that "Live 8" concert. Low-key. Some good talk about music with her, actually. A lot of aging rockers tonight might be a sign that rock and its descendants might be moving away from being strictly marketed as "youth music" and might just become *a* music: that people will listen to quality more than anything, even if it's from a geriatric Pink Floyd. We'll have to see when or if the marketers of the industry really see this.
Tags: computing, family, friends-notre dame era, musical, personal

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