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Personal: Two Things: Hosting/Batman Begins & Photos

Two things:

I just finished a great night of talking with Dan and Mike and Professor Barnes here after we saw Batman Begins. The conversation ranged far afield, as it will, although I definitely steered it to spending some interesting time on the Catholic character of the University. But I'm too fried to remember much or to report it here. Barnes said something incredibly funny though, right as they were just leaving a few minutes back, that I knew I had to quote here for everyone: I can't remember what it was, though. Mostly I'm just feeling really good about having been able to host anything for the first time in three years, because I absolutely couldn't when I was back in the studio apartment.

The other thing. I've just discovered that I erased, on both my hard drives, no less, all of my personal photographs for the last two years. I erased all of my personal photographs for the last two years. Words fail me.
Tags: barnes, computing, friends-marquette era, movies/film/tv, personal, photography

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