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Personal: Studio 301 signing off

Well, another day of eventful moving. I got my bike out of the apartment for the first time since 2003. Dr. Telford told me not to ride last summer because of all the stitches after my colon removal were still delicate. In short, he said, if I fell, I'd, well, explode. So that was right out. I filled the tires, took a very pleasurable little circle of a ride before locking the bike up in the basement of the parking structure, and with the completion of the circle, the front tire exploded with the most violent sound I've ever heard from a bicycle. It was almost side like a Hollywood bicycle crash, which of course would have the bike explode. As it was, sky-blue goo was oozing out of the tire, but I didn't look too closely.

I started some layout of the apartment, with Meg Rothbart tagging along and helping me move, and entertaining me with conversation. And helping with farmgirl muscle at critical moments. And she got to walk across campus with two of my guitars in hand, so she looked very cool, too. Meanwhile back at the old Studio 301 I am boxing stuff up for the moving lads tomorrow. I'm also defrosting my antique freezer for the first time in three years, something that I think my Mom predicted would happen from the moment she saw the old thing right after I'd moved in. At least, that was the look on her face: the Motherly knowledge that I'd never remember to defrost the thing. So after three years, I've a glacer in my freezer with enough space for the keeping of a scrumptious and delicious ice cream sandwich. Most of that has fallen apart most obligingly, but I've got one stubborn chunk of ice stuck under the freezer proper and in the draining tray. Water levels are currently near danger levels.

But boxing things up means that I have to box Ambrose the iMac, too, and that will bring an end to easy journaling, email and reading for a number of days. I'll update when I can at the library, but I don't know when my cable modem set up will be installed. My phone isn't being installed until the 8th, and they won't know the number until then, so my contact with anyone will be sporadic at best, I imagine.

There's been some good times in this studio, but I'm looking forward to a real apartment--to a real home--too much to mourn. Talk to y'all soon.
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