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Personal/Theological Notebook?: Finishing "Brideshead"

I am stunned--pummeled--having just finished watching the DVD set of Brideshead Revisited. What an absolute triumph of filmmaking. Even Waugh, with what I gather was a considerable loathing for what film could do to a story, would be delighted with such a faithful staging and retelling of his story: it took quite a bit longer for me to watch it because I kept pausing it in order to read the given passage in parallel. I wanted to applaud and not stop--sitting here by myself in the middle of the night--at the conclusion. I wonder if the cast and crew, giving a year of their lives, some of them, to this project, are as amazed at and proud of what they accomplished as this "raw" viewer is: I could only hope so.
Tags: books, favourite shows, literary, movie review, movies/film/tv, personal, theological notebook, waugh

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