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Theological Notebook: Postmodernism and the Sith?

This space saw a certain bit of rumination the other week about postmodernism, and several of you had comments that were much appreciated. seraphimsigrist's Live Journal just had this bit today that I thought too good to not repeat:
Problem of postmodernism, Andrey Cherniak commented recently is taking a diseased situation and saying this is normal so relax. I made similar comment on the silly business about the Sith being the only ones who talk about absolutes, and the failure of these people to understand that nuance is not lost but made possible by the awareness of the absolute (not as our possession but as our context). Parabola Magazine asks me to see the film and write in this vein. I dont know if I will have energy as deadline is immediate...Amyway I would assert that compared to Ezra Pound's modernist word "Make it New!" (also the word of Revelation 21:5) Postmodernism is old stuff indeed...

Several people have been yelping at that line as a lame and awkward anti-Bush stroke, even those who have no use for Bush, and so I thought that this situation of it in a broader context might be welcome as well as insightful. Thanks much, Seraphim. Here's my vote for you to dash out the article in hopes that it spreads.
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