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Theological Notebook: Fr. Kurz on Scripture

I got a fun note from Fr. William Kurz, SJ, the Scripture scholar with whom I've studied the New Testament (Luke/Acts, Johannine Literature) here at Marquette. We had a reading group the other year that was going through the much-warped book of Revelation as some small aid to him while he was trying to write a response to the fundamentalist treatment of the book by people such as the authors of the Left Behind series. His book, What Does the Bible Say about the End Times? A Catholic View just earned a tie for "Best Book--Scripture" at this year's Catholic Book Awards, sponsored by the Catholic Press Association of the US and Canada. Here is what judges wrote about the book:
"This is a fine and informative book on a topic whose time has come. The current anti-Catholic trend in popular fundamentalism has missed the Bible and misinformed the general public. Father Kurz does not offer a Catholic apologetic or response so much as he invites readers to explore the real meanings of biblical themes, symbols and imagery. This book serves a clear need in today's world. It is highly recommended for college classes or bible study groups and will get the participants involved and talking!"

So that's great fun, both for him and for the attention the book is getting being able to increase its chances of informing people more responsibly about what Christian Scripture is really getting at.

Alright--Back to the moving!
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