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Personal: Moving Begins

Well, the place was mopped and such, so I started moving things down the street to the new apartment today. My muscles are now resting from the first honest day's work that I've done since I moved up here. Really, even being in grad school, I have to count the academic life as one of unremitting luxury, even when I'm horrifically in debt: it's an odd contradiction of sorts.

My deepest reservation at this point is that the windows on my sixth floor apartment are so dirty as to be almost opaque. I couldn't make out details of the engineering building and the library when I glanced out, and the lake view is totally compromised. So I'm thinking that while the moving/tidying fit is upon me, I'll have to try to do the whole job and get these cleaned, although I'll have to be very careful not to kill myself in getting the outside windows cleaned, and to not drop things on passersby.

Today was all the things I had boxed still from South Bend, boxes of unsold CDs, the boxes of Legion and Titans issues, stemware, and such material. Tonight I'll bag most of my 900-book library and then cart those over tomorrow.

Working tonight to the sounds of my complete Rich Mullins collection. Old memories of college with Dave Nutting introducing me to this music and many many days and nights of singing.
I will sing for the meek
For those who pray with their very lives for peace
Though they're in chains for a higher call
Their mourning will change into laughter when the nations fall

In spirit poor
In mercy rich
They hunger for Your righteousness
Their hearts refined in the purity
Lord let me shine for them
Lord let me sing
Lord let me shine for them
Lord let me sing
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