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Theological Notebook: Coffey at 2.

I'm meeting with Fr. Coffey at 2 tomorrow/today to discuss my idea on grace and freedom with him. He wrote back to say that he wants to talk about my work on Augustine's De Trinitate with me! So I'm reviewing all those notes I made for Barnes tonight, while sketching out my ideas on grace and the ability of human beings to do good without grace, but in such a way as it doesn't make me fall into Pelagianism or Semi-Pelagianism. In fact, I need to write some notes reminding me to ask him about my work on God the Father for my DQE question, to see if he has any ideas for sources I should investigate. I now wish I'd read his Deus Trinitas before talking on this.

So, okay self, who'd better re-read this in the morning--remember to print out your unedited bibliography at the library on your way over to see him.

Here's the current state of my bibliography on the subject: I've got some editing to do, but you can tell from some of the titles what people's thoughts and concerns on the subject have been in the last few decades.

God the Father. Preliminary Bibliography


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Terribly exciting, isn't it? So... gotta weed some of this out before reading it... gotta read it before I can figure out what to cut....

Mostly my real desire is to get a good grasp of the variety of work that's been done: the "state of the question," as it were. I'll worry about contributing later for this one. And it's quite a spread, isn't it? There's a lot of gender language stuff, but that's hardly the only thread here....
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