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Theological Notebook

A lot of good work done tonight on finishing up writing my bibliography for my DQE (Doctoral Qualifying Exam) question on God the Father, my chosen area to focus on in trinitarian theology. I think "Patrology" is currently our most-neglected area in Trinity work, so I thought I'd dive in and see if I could contribute anything. But the first step is learning the ground. So that's that. Started reading The Fatherhood of God from Origen to Athanasius yesterday. So that's all good for what has been my (typically late-night) Trinity Sunday. Sun's coming up. Time to hang upside down and go to bed.

In the meantime, free time today was taken up with Jordan's Winter's Heart. Lots of Cadsuane today--man, I love the strong women that he writes. I think it's an Irish male thing to find women attractive when you're sure they're likely to knock your head off at any given moment.... I can't figure it out. Maybe it's like why people like roller coasters.
Tags: books, robert jordan, theological notebook

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