Novak (novak) wrote,

Theological Notebook: Victorian Metanarratives and Belief

Are we feeling postmodern?

Another article of note is this one on the subject of Victorian metanarratives of belief and unbelief. The standard metanarrative is that the Victorian age, advancing in scientific understanding of the world, was one where those enlightened by modern education were able to throw off the superstitious and intellectually-backward remnants of Christian belief. No news there, right? What is interesting about this article, then, is that even books today engaging in this kind of metanarrative willfully ignore that a significant proportion of the figures whose loss of belief they discuss as emblamatic, actually in time converted back to Christian faith. How's that for an interesting fly in the ointment? What the author finds remarkable in this article is that a proportion of 3/8 of one's "typical population" moving against the common narrative is conveniently deemed irrelevant data. I found it surprisingly fun reading.
Tags: historical, philosophical, theological notebook

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