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Personal: Buttnumbathon

After a brutal night of frantic grading I finally got to bed around 7am. Woke up for around an hour at 10:30, and then back to bed 'til 4pm. What a mess. I hate having to rush and knowing that you've got the responsibility of people's grade (which may be important to some of the students) both hanging over you. So achey, and my time sense all screwed up, I worked for a few hours on reading James Wetzel's Augustine and the Limits of Virtue for Barnes' never-ending Augustine seminar on Wednesday. And then I fell asleep again.

Since 1am I've been sitting here trying to reconstruct my Address Book, which in my update to Apple's new "Tiger" 10.4 operating system, was completely deleted except for two random entries. I found a support file of some sort in the computer than had lots, if not all, of the telephone numbers and addresses. The problem was that the telephone numbers and addresses were completely and randomly separated from one another and completely messed in reams of computer code gibberish. So I've spent the last two-and-a-half hours sitting here, painstakingly trying to put the Address Book back together. I'm still not done, but I've had a reasonable amount of success. It ended up being useful to take numbers marked "home" and to run them through a Reverse Telephone Directory that I found on the net. That gave me a lot of addresses back, as well as identifying the numbers for me. The biggest problem, naturally, were those numbers that were marked "mobile." If I only had a cell number for someone, I likely had no idea whose it was, and the Reverse Directory was useless for those.

Still, I've gotten a decent amount done, I've been entertained by my iTunes' "Top 100" songs, and now I'm going to call it quits for the time. I'm a lot less pissed than I was when I thought I'd lost everything, and even having to do all this gruntwork, I'm still relieved that not everything vanished. I have of course backed it up more securely this time. And now, I'm outtahere. My rear is taking the shape of this chair, and apparently the chair was not as naturally-shaped as the designers thought.
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