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Personal: The Final Cup of Coffey

Well, things went very well. I made it to Coffey's class with the Chianti Classico and the stemware, and (because, unlike Barnes' seminar where wine and snacks have beocme a comm0nplace) a small cray of surprise went up. Small, of course, because there are only four of us in the seminar, myself inculded. There was some sipping throughout the class and through our discussion of Matthew Gerlach's paper, and then some more formal toasting and clelebration at the end. Again, it seems a mighty thing to me, still so "early" in my own career to come to the end of your teachign career. Coffey will continue to write and research back in Sydney--he's really doing well, health-wise, and academically is at the top of his game: it's a real loss for us that he's retiring--but he feels that at 70, he should be out of the classroom.

So I'm being all Irish and sentimentla, but the man really has had the most profound impact on my own thoelgoicla work. I came to Marquette to focus on ecclesiology--and I'm still doing that in my dissertaion--but in taking three courses with Coffey, and sitting in on a fourth, my oritnetation has really moved more towared issues of grace and the doctirine of God/the Trinity. Coffey recognnizeds that it was something of a "moment," himself, but fortunatelyt was Australian-Irish enough to overcome pure sentimental wallowing in the moment, if I had dangerously strayed in that direction. So we had some clapping, some congratulations on a grand career, and then off we went, to give the class to the nursing students to looked at me most oddly carrying my basket with its used winebottle and glasses.

Edit: Spellcheck reveals to me just how lubricated I am after two glasses of Chianti on nothing since breakfast. I'll leave atll that in here, though, to "capture the motnent" And I've got to go get the Montepulchiano from my paratment (I'm in Massingale's office for my office hours right now--no undergrads coming in, fortuantely) for Barnes' class! I'll have to eat a lot of the end-of-the year pork roast that Mik'e s bringing in. The world is very smoooooth for me right now. I should go put on my funky "Shack" leather jacket.
Tags: coffey, friends-marquette era, funny, nouvelle theologie, personal, teachers, wine

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